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My Services

Travel Made Easy

Do you procrastinate planning a trip? Are you confused by all of the options and websites? Do you wish someone else could plan an awesome trip for you to go on? Then click 'Contact Me' right now because I am here to help.

I will not stop planning until you are completely convinced that you are going to have the best vacation ever. 


Whether you’re traveling solo, searching for a romantic escape, organizing a group getaway, or taking business trip, I provide all of the professional and personalized services to cover your needs. I belong to a travel agency with access to special pricing on resorts, tours, cruises, Disney, hotels, activities, travel insurance, and basically anything travel related. And if the group tour thing isn't for you, I am more than happy to custom plan your trip piece by piece for a completely unique vacation.


Prices are listed with services below are applicable to trips with 4 or less people and less than 3 weeks of travel. I love planning travel for groups but cost will vary based on the number of people. Email me for a free consult on larger groups or extended travel time.

If you don't need a whole trip planned (for example, maybe you only need flights or excursions), email me for a consult.

Customized Comprehensive Trip Planning

Providing this service to clients requires the expertise necessary to make this process as seamless as possible. Planning travel means putting all the moving parts together to streamline vacations for clients that are cost efficient and maximize time.  This category covers any and all needs that may arise during an adventure. I will plan your trip with you start to finish, I literally cover all of the logistics for you. The fee associated with this services covers the many hours spent planning and monitoring prices to make sure you have an authentic travel experience. This fee also allows me to customize trips outside of the standard items available to travel agents and agencies. Open your imagination and if you have any questions please reach out.


Comprehensive Trip Planning $600+ (additional fees apply for larger groups or longer travel as stated above). 


Worldwide Travel Guidance

I am here to help you navigate the world. No matter what type of travel you need to plan or where you want to go, be assured that I will provide all the resources and guidance you need for the perfect trip. This service is designed for clients that aren't sure where they want to travel and want advice on different types of vacations/best time of year to go/how long to travel for, etc. I've also used this service to teach people who want to know how to use the vast amount of resources on the internet to start planning their own travel!

Informational Travel Consultation Phone Call 2.5 hours $100

Road to Monument Valley

Corporate Travel Consulting

Planning any type of travel can be overwhelming, which is why it’s beneficial to have an experienced professional by your side. Through this service, you can count on me to guide you in every step of the process. Whether it's a company getaway or you want to find a unique place to stay for a business trip, I can guarantee I will find you the best option. Luxury and basic options available.

Prices vary based on business size and level of services provided. Contact me for a free consultation.

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