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About Me

Travel is my passion and I want to share it! Let me make your travel worry free. 


I want to make your life easier. I want you to travel and enjoy it without worrying about details you may have forgotten or if you chose the right accommodation. I chose this line of work because I love people and being able to make travel a happy and pleasant experience is important to me. 

I have practiced as a critical care RN for 11 years. I am able to read people and anticipate their needs before they even know it's a need! Customer service is my specialty! I have taken this skill and put it into practice for travel planning. I love getting to know people and making their dreams come true with an excellent experience. Watching my clients share their trips and have awesome vacations truly makes me happy. 

In 2016 I was inspired by a friend to spend 10 weeks in Europe. That was it. I was in love with traveling. Since then I have been to six other countries (the image above is taken just before arriving at Machu Picchu), lived in four different states,  and road tripped my way across the US twice (one of my FAVORITE things to do). I recently bought a conversion van that I am going to turn into a camping machine and plan to explore the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Rockies with it. 

I have a goal to travel around the world full time for one year and explore ever corner. Unfortunately, bedside nursing is not something I can do remotely. I want to obtain my certification to teach English abroad and live/teach in Southeast Asia or Indonesia for a year. Nursing has taught me that life is short and we should make the most of it.

I want to share the gifts of diversity, perspective, and adventure with people. Travel allows people to break down cultural barriers and understand one another better. 
  Efficiency and time management are my gifts to my clients.
I save you the time and hassle of the in-depth planning required to design an unforgettable vacation. I manage and plan everything. 
Whatever your travel needs are, I’m here to help.

Any questions about me and what I do? Just ask. :)

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